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The importance of keeping secret the Foundation email

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Important The importance of keeping secret the Foundation email

Message par Kiyomizu le Sam 05 Avr 2014, 18:32

We guarantee the perfect technical safety of our blogs, we cannot prevent you from making mistakes that can be used by malicious people. Note that in all cases, you can count on our help to retrieve your lost or damaged blog whether it was intentional or by a mistake... Smyle

► In the majority of cases, the hack (piracy or taking of control) is just a ruse whereby the thief succeeded in appropriating the password of a blog and takes control of it illegally. This control goes to 99% of the cases to recover the e-mail foundation blog, i.e. the e-mail with which you have created your support. Once this control on the e-mail is in place, there are two cases:

1. The thief will destroy your blog by deleting quite a few things to distort it and empty it, or even delete it totally. It is often the case in revenge, the settling of accounts... The thief disappears then and remains anonymous.

2. The thief completely distorts the blog by inserting its style, theme and signature... This is the case of the crafty that make it for pleasure to make a name in the middle. In this case, they are proud to let their signature be apparent on the blog.

► That this either in the first or in the second case, the process is the same. The thief arrives to get their hands on the email from Foundation of the blog by several methods:

→ The administrators use their e-mail personally, e-mail contact MSN, etc. as Foundation e-mail;
→ E-mail contact of the administrator of the blog is the same as the email used in its creation.

► Once the Foundation email is known by the thief, it can use software known to divert security and open these boxes mail (this is the case of Hotmail, MSN... Easily eluded etc.) and once they have the control acquired mail, it calls simply a new password to the blog via "I forgot my password" and the blog it reference in the mail box under his control, a new password.

As you can see, the hack is just a ruse that is based on the recovery of the Foundation email. Protect the guaranteed Foundation email security of your blog. Do not forget that our blogs, as they are delivered to you are perfectly secure! The fault often comes from the lack of vigilance of members.

The SosBlog team

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