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Message par Derri le Sam 06 Sep 2014, 20:45

Forum General Rules  Reglement General rules
Forum of Blogs

If you do not respect the basic rules described below, you may be issued a warning or a temporary/permanent ban. In addition, the staff (Administrators and Moderators) reserve the right to move, edit or delete any message that violates the rules of this forum or the terms of service.SosBlog.

General Rules:

► The Forum of Blogs is a place of mutual assistance, not to advertise your blogs, forums, or sites
► Please avoid private messaging for assistance. In rare cases you may be asked by a member of staff to private message you for information. Otherwise please open up a topic in the relevant section
► In event of a disagreement with a member or staff please private message a Moderator or Admin

Before posting :
► Please be polite when posting. Getting frustrated or typing in ALL CAPS will not help you get your answer any quicker and can make you seem aggressive
► Please use the search function before posting
► Please do not flood the forums with multiple topics of the same issue. If you need a topic moved or something modified or deleted that you cannot do yourself them private message a staff member

Posting :
► Please choose the correct forum that best fits your topic problem. In the event you place it incorrectly then a staff member may move it
► Use an explicit title e.g. How do I create a blog. Avoid titles such as 'HELP' or 'I need help'
► For clarity, please only ask one question per topic as this avoids confusion and will often lead to you getting faster and more accurate support
► In order to be understood , don't write in SMS or use abbreviations
► Please avoid writing in bold or in color, this is reserved for moderation

► Please be patient and allow up to 24 hours for a response
►Please remember to mark your topic solved when it is completed and to give thanks to those who have helped you

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